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The perfect integration between V-App and Cisco Meraki Cameras’ helps you to discover new insights that can truly transform your business.

Smart Analytics

Transform your videos into strategic advantages with Vision+, the catalyst for heightened efficiency, cost reduction, and business elevation. Unleash the power of intelligent insights to propel your success.

Magic Display

The all-in-one event-driven content platform for delivering meaningful content based on the information gathered from your Cisco Meraki cameras.

AI Customer Analysis

Revolutionize your business with AI that delivers actionable insights. Maximize profits by understanding your customers’ behavior and sentiments in real-time. Elevate your strategy, stay competitive, and thrive in the future of business intelligence.

AI Object Detection

Automate and augment operations with V-App. Generate faster insights, reduce response times and improve your business performances.

PPE Detection

Improve workplace safety practices by detecting PPE in video with machine learning.

Vehicle Detection

Provide a non-intrusive video vehicle detection system for traffic flow tracking, counting, and statistics.


Welcome to Landscape, your all-encompassing solution designed
to seamlessly manage and display camera streams within local area

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IoT Builder

Maximize the Cisco Meraki integration to effortlessly monitor your business environment by creating IoT applications without the need for coding.

Energy Saving

A highly effective solution for overseeing and regulating the energy consumption

Environmental Quality Control

Effortlessly monitor environmental parameters that contribute to comfort and healthiness of your premises.


Address your business’s ecological footprint with the utmost simplicity and efficiency.

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Performance Zoom

The Performance Zoom product family has been specially developed to monitor and optimize the performance of your Meraki infrastructure.

Backup & Versioning

A fully automated and comprehensive Backup and Recovery cloud solution.

Syslog Cloud Collector

Perform audits and view historical data for all clients in your network with a lightning-fast log management solution.

Netflow Analytics

Get real-time and historical contextual insights. Understand how your WAN is performing and quickly identify network traffic issues..

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The Wise-Fi line of tools has been designed for your Meraki wireless infrastructure. Get useful insights for monitoring wireless network performances, understand customers behaviour, provide easy guest access.

Wi-Fi Maps

An effective Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics for your Meraki wireless network.

Latency Map

Visually display a map of real client’s latency values to monitor your network performance.

Coverage Survey

Speed up and automatically validate your Meraki Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.

Presence & Analytics

Make smarter marketing decisions and boost revenue. Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network by having access to a deep level of actionable insights.

Easy Guest Wi-Fi

Speed up and simplify your guest Wi-Fi access with V-App. Let your guests easily connect in seconds by simply scanning a QR code.


A digital menu that your guests can browse on their devices with no need to download any app with Meraki guest Wi-Fi integration.

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