Booqr Digital Menu

A digital menu that your guests can browse on their own smartphones or tablets with no need to download any app.
Booqr is a free menu app for restaurants, cafés and pubs. Let your customers browse your menu and easily connect to your guest Wi-Fi by simply scanning a QR code.
How does it work?

Sign in for free and login into your personal area. Create your own digital menu and generate the QR code in just a few clicks.

Download and print the QR code, place it on your website, on your social pages, and on every table. Share it with your guests via email or WhatsApp. Then customers can scan the QR code simply using their phone camera and have instant access to your menu. Engage your guests with a touchless menu with no need to download any app or register for any services.

Why using Booqr?

it's free

It is totally free for both the restaurant owner and guests who will not have to sign up for any subscription. The restaurant owner can cancel the account at any time.

nothing to install

With Booqr you do not need to download any app, just sign-up and create your menu.

Your menu, everywhere

Whether the QR Code is on your site, shared on social networks, or printed on any kind of support, your menu can be anywhere. With Booqr, you just need to frame the code to instantly view the proposals of your restaurant.

let everyone know

Send the QR code through e-mail, WhatsApp and Messanger, or share it on your social media channels. Print the QR code on your delivery packages to provide your customers with an environmentally friendly takeaway menu.


Cut costs for printing paper menus. Manage, update and modify your digital menu at any time, without limitations or additional costs.


Your customers’ and staff’s safety is a priority for you and our community. Provide your customers with touchless menus to avoid any contacts and make your guests’ experience cleaner and safer.

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