Presence & Analytics

Make smarter marketing decisions and boost revenue. Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network by having access to a deep level of actionable insights.

The last years have seen a quick growth of wireless networks as a prominent business driver. Thanks to a large amount of data at its disposal, Wi-Fi offers businesses plenty of growth opportunities. V-App Wi-Fi Presence and Analytics provides you with real-time data giving an unprecedented level of insight into consumer behavior and opportunities to engage customers directly.

By accessing V-App Live Dashboard you can monitor dwell times, count footfalls by the hour and compare data from multiple sites.

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Gain complete visibility into the network, from headquarters to remote stores to warehouses, through the V-App centralized dashboard.

Footfall Traffic, busiest hours, and on-site activity patterns
Know when a sales promotion causes in-store traffic peaks. Utilize heat-mapping and location analytics to understand the customer journey within a store. Know how many guests return to the same store and should be targeted for personalized offers or promotions.
Visitor Engagement
Grow your business by capitalizing on repeat visits and longer dwell times. Reach your customers via targeted display ads, mobile push notifications, and direct coupons. Have a look at the mobile apps customers use while in your store – and which competitors’ websites they surf.
Find strategies that drive customer loyalty by measuring the impact of window display changes, promotions, and campaigns that increase store visits. Build customer loyalty and enhance customer retention by marketing to existing customers.
Concentration Map
Live count of your network devices in selected areas. Visually displays and track visitor’s presence and location with the help of heat maps.
Get insights on your users’ concentration and movements by analyzing their behaviors with the help of interactive maps.
A concentration map chart can be used to visualize how users aggregate in certain areas allowing for further analysis. Seeing and analyzing your business data in the context of its location can help you understand your business in new ways.

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