Turn data into insights

Analyze your Meraki data in a free V-App hosted cloud environment and get new insights for real business outcomes.

Fit the inbuilt power of Cisco Meraki to your specific needs

V-App provides you with enterprise-scale real-time insights, meeting the requirement of multi-branch businesses with large-scale arrangements. V-App has full customization and flexibility, along with tailored dashboards for manager, executives, sales teams, marketers, and network engineers alike.


Turn data into insights with V-App deployed and managed securely, reliably, and scalably as a service.

AI & Machine Learning

Powerful AI and ML capabilities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and boost your business.

Dashboards & Visualization

Address business decisions with user experience metrics. Real-time interactive dashboards and automatic operational tasks across your systems in a single platform.

Cross-channel Notifications

Receive alerts on any metric or meaningful events. Instant messaging, text, email, video or audio notifications, available in real time.


Four families of pre-built web applications in a cloud computing environment with normalized authentication, APIs integration, event-driven workflows, rule based actions, and much more.

Vision Analytics

Transform your Cisco Meraki Cameras in tremendous sensors for high-value data and business insights.


From Wi-Fi health to guest access, a complete set of applications and tools for your Meraki Wireless infrastructure. 

Performance Zoom

Monitor your Meraki infrastructure in real time with full visibility and event-driven alerting.


IoTools is the solution created to help you build Smart IoT applications in the Cloud.

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IoT Builder

A complete IoT solution powered by Meraki and V-App that provides real-time visibility of your business-critical physical environment.

Build a simple Smart IoT application and make sure to have immediate visibility into critical events that can lead to risks in your workplace.

Face Mask Detection

Use Smart Cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect people not wearing masks.

Face Mask Detection identifies in real-time people not wearing masks. It can send alerts to security personnel and create dashboards and reports for statistical purposes.

Social Distancing Monitoring

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it’s more important than ever to walk the walk. We all need to take responsibility and do what we can do to slow down the virus.

As a socially conscious company, we want to make our own contribution to help businesses to cope with the COVID-19 health crisis

IoT Builder

Watch how Meraki and V-App can help you to protect your business-critical physical environment.

Social Distancing Monitoring

The new application powered by V-App for helping companies and organizations to cope with the Covid-19 emergency.

Analytics for a safer School

Increase safety at School using AI. Analyze people flow and behavior in school buildings, monitor the safe distance among students, identify and alert in real-time people not wearing a face mask, and help School staff to manage cleaning activities.

The future of Mobility

A passenger flow monitoring system

Alstom connected with Cisco Meraki and V-App for the ultimate in Enterprise Video Security and Advanced Analytics.

Alstom is a world leader in integrated transport systems. As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the transport sector.

Anti-contact safety measure

The first italian school governed by artificial intelligence

V-App Smart Integration Platform, the digital solution that detects distances and reports social gatherings.

The Istituto Superiore Bona in Biella is the first school in Italy to adopt the V-App Social Distancing Monitoring. The system was tested for the school’s final exams in order to evaluate and assess its effectiveness in a complex environment.

V-App totally renewed

V-App totally renewed

We’ve listened to feedback about the current platform experience and have worked hard over the past 6 months to develop a brand new V-App experience. While engaging with our customers and partners, we’ve identified key requests and made changes to the areas that need...

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The construction site connected from above

The construction site connected from above

EGP has successfully tested an innovative aerostat in Catania to guarantee wireless connection on construction sites. This brings advantages for operations, for people and for the environment.Lighter-than-air aerostat balloons were the first flying vehicles invented...

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