Unlock a new dimension of business insights with the seamless integration of V-App and Cisco Meraki Cameras.

Experience the power of V-App’s dynamic dashboards, seamlessly blending real-time data with historical perspectives – not just graphs, but a complete contextual overview across all Meraki sources. Whether you’re in Retail, Higher Education, Transportation Systems, Manufacturing, or exploring the realms of Museums, Heritage, or Smart Cities, Vision+ is your game-changer.

Smart Analytics

Transform your videos into strategic advantages with Vision+,  the catalyst for heightened efficiency, cost reduction, and business elevation. Unleash the power of intelligent insights to propel your success.

Magic Display

The all-in-one event-driven content platform for delivering meaningful content based on the information gathered from your Cisco Meraki cameras.

AI Customer Analysis

Revolutionize your business with AI that delivers actionable insights. Maximize profits by understanding your customers’ behavior and sentiments in real-time. Elevate your strategy, stay competitive, and thrive in the future of business intelligence.

AI Object Detection

Automate and augment operations with V-App. Generate faster insights, reduce response times and improve your business performances.

PPE Detection

Improve workplace safety practices by detecting PPE in video with machine learning.

Vehicle Detection

Provide a non-intrusive video vehicle detection system for traffic flow tracking, counting, and statistics.


Welcome to Landscape, your all-encompassing solution designed
to seamlessly manage and display camera streams within local area

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