AI Object Detection

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AI Object Detection helps you maximize the usage of existing cameras by detecting objects within a digital image in real-time. With AI Object Detection, you can extend the detection capabilities of recognition to extract information from images that are uniquely helpful to your business. For example, you can use a model to classify specific machine parts on your assembly line or identify your products on store shelves.

V-App applies Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Meraki camera networks to automatically generate insights without a need for human monitoring and analysis, freeing individuals to play higher-level roles requiring more strategic thinking.

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Quality Inspection
Auto-identify parts going down the assembly line, recognize good parts from faulty parts with incredible speed. This allows you enough time to take corrective action.
Inventory Management
Perform automatic object counting and localization that will allow you to improve inventory accuracy.
Shelf Monitoring
Monitor shelves to detect items that were picked up, detect misplaced items making sure that goods are always available on the shelf.
Object sorting in a warehouse
Manual sorting involves a high cost of labor and frequent human errors. With V-App products are automatically classified allowing to reduce the anomalies in categorization.

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