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Landscape allows effortless videowall configuration for comprehensive monitoring of multiple camera streams. It provides a centralized hub for surveillance, accessible on various devices, from tablets to smart TVs.

With Onvif protocol support, Landscape integrates smoothly with existing systems, ensuring interoperability. Available as a physical appliance or virtual deployment, it offers unmatched flexibility and scalability to meet evolving surveillance needs.

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Key Benefits

Comprehensive monitoring

Landscape offers an efficient surveillance solution for effective camera stream monitoring.

Flexible and scalable

Landscape adapts to both small and large surveillance networks, meeting evolving needs.


Its intuitive interface simplifies configuration and management of camera streams and displays.

Seamless integration

Onvif protocol support ensures easy integration with existing systems, reducing compatibility issues.

Stream management

Landscape simplifies the management of camera streams within local area networks, providing users with easy access to live feeds from multiple cameras.

Multi-site management

Allow users to centrally manage and monitor camera streams across multiple locations or sites from a single interface. This feature would be particularly beneficial for organizations with distributed surveillance networks.

Customizable video walls

With Landscape, users can create and customize videowalls to suit their specific monitoring requirements. Whether it’s a small-scale display or a large-scale surveillance setup, Landscape offers the flexibility to configure video walls with ease.

Onvif protocol support

Landscape seamlessly integrates with existing surveillance systems through support for the Onvif protocol. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of cameras and devices, enabling effortless integration into any surveillance infrastructure.

Tablet and smart TV compatibility

Landscape extends beyond traditional displays by enabling users to view camera streams on tablets and smart TVs. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing users to monitor surveillance feeds from anywhere within the network.

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