IoT Builder

Maximize the Cisco Meraki integration to effortlessly monitor your business environment by creating IoT applications without the need for coding.

Enhance your organizational visibility by seamlessly integrating data from Meraki IoT Sensors, MV Smart Cameras, and Wi-Fi devices, enabling a digital transformation of your business.

Highlighted Solutions

Energy Saving

A highly effective solution for overseeing and regulating the energy consumption

Environmental Quality Control

Effortlessly monitor environmental parameters that contribute to comfort and healthiness of your premises.


Address your business’s ecological footprint with the utmost simplicity and efficiency.

Main Features

Rule Engine
You can create a chain of custom rules using the powerful drag & drop based visual system.
Alerts and Notifications
Configure thresholds for alerting. Options for email, SMS,
push notifications and webhooks.
Streaming Data
IoT Builder allows you to send data to event-streaming platforms such as Kafka, Amazon Kinesis etc for further analysis.
With V-App IoT Builder you can build and setup all kinds of automation between Meraki devices and Low Power Wide Area Network or standard protocols Http devices.
Add as many dashboards as you need to monitor particular areas of the venue by using different widgets related to the type of sensor.
Real-Time Monitoring
A powerful monitoring system allows you to find instantly the information you need and check the device status.
Data Reporting
Make a comparison of data over large time scales.
Export a dashboard if you want to include it in a report.
Powerful Visibility
Manage all your devices from a single pane of glass.

A complete IoT solution powered by Meraki and V-App

It can be used in many different areas, such as:
  • Warehouse & Depots
  • Datacenters & Server rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Storages
  • Office Workplaces
  • Refrigerated Rooms
  • Shopping malls & Retail stores
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals & Health care residences

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