We’ve listened to feedback about the current platform experience and have worked hard over the past 6 months to develop a brand new V-App experience. While engaging with our customers and partners, we’ve identified key requests and made changes to the areas that need improvement.

As we progress toward the release of the new features and upgrades, we would like to share some of these changes with you.

The new platform has a new, cleaner look and better experience, faster navigation, and greater reliability. The new My V-App portal allows for quick and easy launch of new features and services:

  • Marketing collateral: a collection of media for a better understanding of V-App.
  • Instant Demos: the power of V-App through simulations of real contexts.
  • Trials: free trials access for the product of your interest.
  • Support: a new trouble ticket system for getting in contact with our support team.
  • License Manager: a complete view of purchased products, license duration, trials, etc.


In order to more effectively combat the phenomenon of digital identity theft and to better protect personal and corporate data, V-App has adopted the Strong Authentication MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for all its applications.


V-App simplifies its sales portfolio structure by segmenting it and making it even clearer:

  • Vision Analytics: Transform your Cisco Meraki Cameras in tremendous sensors for high-value data and business insights.
  • Wise-Fi: From Wi-Fi health to guest access, a complete set of applications and tools for your Meraki Wireless infrastructure.
  • Performance Zoom: Meraki infrastructure real-time monitoring and management tools with full visibility and event-driven alerting.
  • IoTools: a solution created to help you building Smart IoT applications in the Cloud.


Thanks for being a V-App Customer
We would like to thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback which has helped guide us through these recent changes, and our development process. This is just the beginning of our efforts and we will continue to listen to your thoughts and ideas and are excited about what the future holds for V-App.

We look forward to bringing you more news about our new platform launch in the coming months!

The V-App Team