Simple intelligence: the code-free way to create your own Meraki IoT apps

The IoT Builder is an easy way for you to create essential IoT apps for your organization without writing a single line of code. Simply connect your Meraki API to create personalized, real-time IoT sensor dashboards and automated alerts.

IoT Builder offers you:

Single Platform – a fast drag and drop visual interface for designing rules, alerts and monitoring for all Meraki MV and MT physical security and environmental sensor data.

Scalable Insights – comprehensive trend analysis, custom reporting and multi-channel notifications make it simple to troubleshoot across your physical and digital estate.

Smart Spaces – optimize your buildings infrastructure. Blend multiple input triggers across temperature, air quality, light and sound, water leaks, and occupancy.

Top three benefits for your organization:

  1. Cloud control: take immediate action to mitigate losses or improve the efficiency of your smart buildings from wherever you are in the world.
  2. Effortless deployment: secure and simple API connection to your Meraki infrastructure with an interface designed for non-technical users to rapidly build and adapt their own IOT solutions.
  3. Energy wastage: drive down your costs with continuous usage monitoring that gives you visibility over your business-critical environment to avoid expensive disruptions.

Protect your environment, optimize your assets and future-proof your organization. The IoT Builder provides you with seamlessly scalable and transformative capabilities.