Would like to deliver effective content based on visitors’ presence or specific customer targets?

Today we are happy to announce a new entry in our product offering. Magic Display, the all-in-one event-driven content platform for delivering meaningful content based on the information gathered from your Cisco Meraki cameras, joined the Vision+ product Family.

Magic Display is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the creation, scheduling, and delivery of digital content across different digital signage networks and, above all, which does not require any additional hardware, since all you’ll need are Meraki Cameras in place and one or more smart monitors.

With Magic Display you will be able to:

  • Deliver specific content based on people proximity and counting;
  • Show your announcements and ads to customers according to their gender, age groups, and emotions;
  • Easily Organize and schedule content streaming;

Magic Display is suitable to be used in several business industries, and in particular in:

Retail, to run more effective retail marketing campaigns by using customer segmentation to personalize offers;
Education, to share information with students, parents, and personnel streaming messages through effective visual communication;
Workplaces, to grab the attention of customers and employees by visualizing new offerings or announcements through on-loop video projected onto screens;
In Banking & Financial, where, thanks to eye-catching visual communication, you can create that energy that most bank branches often lack;

To learn more about Magic Display contact us or sign up on V-App My Account. We will be glad to share detailed documentation and other info with you.