Now it’s safer, faster and easier to analyze your Meraki network performance

What does Netflow Analytics do?

Netflow Analytics is a network management tool that analyzes data flows through Meraki MX appliances, providing data-led insights about network health.

Single network selection optionality allows focused data analysis within a whole Meraki organization.
It’s simple to get up and running as it relies on an external collector rather than a local agent.


What’s new?

With the latest version of Netflow Analytics, the data flow insights you need are more secure than ever before.

Traffic from the Meraki network to the collector is now encrypted through a bespoke add-on that uses a vMX instance deployed in the same VPC as the collector.

Usability just got better, making switching between Bandwidth and Traffic modes quicker and enabling faster data visuals.

Identifying trends is simpler thanks to customizable usage flow displays using the new Report feature.

With the new Interface and Port display modes, there’s better clarity on which device interfaces and protocols are most used. This makes analyzing a client-specific data stream simpler to do as you can now include or exclude a single IP to get a troubleshooting graph.

The new pivot table feature enables customizable, real-time data views. Heatmaps provide instant visuals of the most relevant traffic flows.

What are the benefits?

  1. Better insights: gain a complete overview of your network usage status and start mapping traffic flows to prioritize your applications across limited capacity networks.

  3. Powerful reporting tool: discover a flexible, user-friendly way to collate data insights that enable faster problem-solving, saving time lost on investigating network health issues.

  5. Data security: enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected from unauthorized access, corruption and theft throughout its entire lifecycle.


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