­Use computer vision to map out sales journey and create a better customer experience

­Have you ever wondered how you can determine the purchase choices of a customer who enters your store? Or which areas of your venues are mostly attended to improve your expositions? Or even know the hourly access to your store to optimize staff and reduce waiting times?

These are the main questions that business analysts continue to ponder over. ­­

Understanding how people behave within your premises is most likely the best answer to those questions.
With V-App you can learn so much more about your customer behavior than ever before.

V-App Vision Analytics provides you with effective dashboards and real-time alerts to be aware of people flow, queues and occupancy. Thanks to the perfect integration with Cisco Meraki Cameras, V-App delivers powerful insights for data-driven decision making.

You can finally understand key metrics such as people traffic inside your premises, as well as visit duration. Moreover, easily understandable dynamic heatmaps will help you to recognize popular pathways for navigating your venue.

These insights can be used to:­­

  • Promote products
  • Design stores
  • Connect with customers’ interests
  • Speed up the shopping process
  • Help people find quickly items that reflects customers’ needs


That is a big sentence, isn’t?

Well, it might seem so, but it just means that for your customers it should not be hard to get what they are looking for.

Get to know your customers better and start to increase sales!