EGP has successfully tested an innovative aerostat in Catania to guarantee wireless connection on construction sites. This brings advantages for operations, for people and for the environment.

Lighter-than-air aerostat balloons were the first flying vehicles invented by man in the 18th century, and are still of great use today in numerous fields ranging from meteorology to the study of the atmosphere. Recently, they have returned to the fore for telecommunications: thanks to the advent of new materials and technologies, today they are able to house sensors, antennas and network devices.

An Enel Green Power experiment for advanced connectivity has recently been completed in precisely this context. At the Innovation Lab of Catania, Italy, we have successfully tested a balloon prototype capable of functioning as a structure for wireless connectivity.

The ultimate goal is to use this type of aerostat to ensure reliable communications at EGP’s large plant construction sites in areas lacking infrastructure. This solution will allow people working on construction sites to contact their colleagues remotely in real time, and will enable the use of the most innovative robotization and automation technologies, particularly Internet of Things tools like smart-glasses and other individual devices.

The project was carried out in collaboration with BizMate, a Sicilian company specializing in systems integration, by simulating the most frequent conditions encountered in power plants powered by renewable sources, particularly larger ones located in isolated areas.

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