Demand is accelerating for connected spaces equipped with sensors that capture information about how they’re being used and the indoor environment. Keep your infrastructure secure, efficient and connected with intelligent, cloud-based technology.

Always know what’s happening through real-time insights with physical and environmental sensor data. Continuous quality indicator monitoring and automated, multi-channel critical notifications mean you can optimize your physical spaces to make them safer and more comfortable for people to use.

Managing multiple IoT sensors can be challenging, but now you can create your own apps to do this for you using the IoT Builder. You don’t even have to write a single line of code, making it easier for non-technical people to get started with IoT. Simply connect your Meraki API and you can create your own set of rules based on the sensor data that matters to you.

Benefit from automated notifications that tell you when something changes so you don’t need to check. With IoT Builder, instructions can be sent to building management systems to make the changes necessary to keep your smart space comfortable and fun to work in. For example, if there are too many people in a space and air quality is suffering, IoT Builder can quickly identify this and respond by updating building systems that can improve ventilation or air circulation.


Workplaces in the traditional sense of the word are giving way to collaborative spaces where people innovate, create and network. Flexible and hybrid ways of working mean that workspaces can be used in different ways throughout the week.

With smart spaces, live occupancy monitoring makes it easy to track people’s movements with real-time data. Know when you turn up to work in a large office building, for example, which areas are livelier and more suited to collaborative work. Need to get your head down and concentrate? Spot a quieter zone to head to for the day. You can also get updates on which facilities are available for your next meeting.

If you work alone, your smart space can recognize that you’ve entered the building and configure it to how you like it before you even get into the room. Maybe you prefer it darker in the mornings while you’re waking up with your first coffee, or perhaps you like it warmer than most.

Maintaining a safe and healthy indoor environment is straightforward with V-App’s integrations. You can automate lighting and thermal controls based on occupancy and environmental conditions, reducing energy wastage costs. If one of your air conditioning pipes starts leaking in an IT server room, for example, you’ll get an alert so that you can get it fixed quickly and prevent critical outages.

Scalable intelligence

Take advantage of the cloud to achieve encrypted and seamlessly scalable insights that give you true visibility over your whole estate. Expand your data capture to suit your changing needs and benefit from limitless, crystal-clear insights about a specific room, building or even your entire global infrastructure.

With cloud-based smart spaces and IoT Builder, you can consolidate data from different buildings, across geographies, into a single detailed dashboard view. Spot patterns, track trends and drive down your costs using correlated insights that provide you with visibility over your entire estate from wherever you are in the world.


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