The advantages of a technological solution that is simple to manage and able to give companies information that is immediately and easily accessible.

In 2020, interconnected objects reached the remarkable figure of 27 billion and, in the next 5 years, the number is set to triple.

Beyond the endless business opportunities that this scenario foreshadows, the side effect of this trend is a huge simplification in the management of information offered to companies.

In this excellent article, Matteo Ippolito, Team Leader Emear Service Providers at Cisco, also citing V-App, talks about the great contribution provided by the Cisco Partner Ecosystem in ensuring that useful information for companies and organizations can be obtained from the Cisco Meraki technological framework and how smart cameras are destined to revolutionize the entire traditional video surveillance industry.

Il terzo fattore differenziante è l’ecosistema di partner che consente di aumentare il valore delle video analisi svolte dalle smart camera Cisco Meraki. “Qui si colloca Bizmate, azienda italiana e partner di riferimento di Cisco a livello mondiale”. E’ suo l’applicativo V-App che consente di trasformare i dati video acquisiti dalle smart camera della famiglia Cisco Meraki in informazioni utili”.