Workplace transformation after COVID-19

Using technology to improve work environment

Returning to the workplace

As governments gradually relax stay-at-home restrictions, companies and organizations are planning and starting to welcome their employees back into the office. But bringing people back to work is not as simple as flicking a switch. There are considerations through this transition period. Each business has its own unique set of challenges – from reimagining hotdesking and meeting spaces to restarting bricks-and-mortar factories and retail locations. Despite these challenges, businesses face the same concerns.

Where do you begin? How can you protect your people?
Is there a right way to move forward?


Some of the biggest challenges that businesses need to face in the workplace are:
  • Know space occupancy by floor, department, or work zone to improve the Space Utilization
  • Manage Meeting Rooms and their occupancy.
  • Have continuous and Live Data for an immediate report of office utilization.
  • Maximize energy efficiency and optimize management costs.
  • Monitor physical intrusion vulnerabilities.
  • Speed ​​up and simplify the guest Wi-Fi access into offices and meeting rooms.
  • Easily monitor Network performances in distributed sites.
  • Ensure business security whenever managing network configuration.

Manage and monitor space occupancy

In an increasingly digitized world, it is no longer enough for a building to simply provide shelter and warmth. Buildings must provide key services whilst also working as efficiently as possible.
Detecting and monitoring occupancy, allowing you to use space more efficiently and improve users’ experience.

V-App Vision+, thanks to the integration with the Cisco Meraki MV Smart cameras, detects people’s presence and monitors workplace occupancy through proper heat maps. Moreover, it provides real-time and historical information on visitors’ and employees’ numbers, and much more!

Optimize energy cost management

Specific temperature and humidity levels are needed for optimal performance of networking equipment and employees’ or visitors’ comfort.
System malfunctions can cause outages or premature equipment failure and poor customer satisfaction.
V-App IoT Builder, thanks to the integration with the Cisco Meraki MT10 Sensors, can detect and document temperature fluctuations to diagnose potential issues so they can be fixed before they become a problem.

Physical intrusion vulnerabilities

Offices, where it’s absolutely essentials to guarantee people’s safety, manage risks, frauds, and protect property.
Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at offices, which must meet demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications

V-App IoT Builder allows monitoring physical intrusion vulnerabilities thank to the integration with the Cisco Meraki MT20 Sensors.

Simplify the guest Wi-Fi access

When customers and guests visit you, they expect to easily connect to Wi-Fi for surfing on their smartphones, reading emails, making video calls or using social networks.​
V-App Easy Guest Wi-Fi lets your guests easily connect to Wi-Fi in seconds just using their smartphone.​
The Wi-Fi access will be provided using an automatic generated QR Code which can be displayed on tablets, smart TV’s or Webex boards. ​
Users just need to scan the code and will be promptly redirected to connection acceptance.

Monitor Network performances in distributed sites

Employees expect to access the applications and information they need quickly and reliably. This means the network needs to be performing to provide them the best possible browsing experience. Managing more than one site makes this activity even more challenging.
Thanks to V-App Performance Zoom and WiSeFi set of applications, it’s possible monitoring Meraki Network and WiFi performances in distributed sites also! Everything under control from a single pane of glass!

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