Face Mask Detection

Use Smart Cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect people not wearing masks.
Face Mask Detection identifies in real-time people not wearing masks. It can send alerts to security personnel and create dashboards and reports for statistical purposes.
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Mask detection

Thanks to the integration with Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras, V-App Face Mask Detection can analyze people’s faces in real-time to check if they are wearing a mask or not. When a person is detected not wearing a face mask within your premises, this prompts an automated alert through different channels – as Email, Instant Messaging, Digital Signage Alerts.

Multichannel Alarms

Get instant multichannel alarms whenever people without a mask are detected.
Signage Triggering
Use digital signage systems to trigger audio or video notifications for more effective communication.
Privacy Compliant
Take care of your customers/visitors while maintaining their privacy.
Monitors real-time people’sconcentration with the help of interactive heatmaps.

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