A smarter school with V-App

Empowering Learning Environments through seamless connectivity, inddoor environmental monitoring, and efficient occupancy management

The challenge of education technology in the digital age

IT Leaders in education face the triple challenge of supporting administrators, faculty staff, and students with an array of new technologies and innovations.
V-App helps Education institutions rethink and rewire their operations and business models.

Optimize campus space to create a better student experience

Colleges and universities are rethinking the traditional use of space, taking innovative approaches, and using analytics and advanced scheduling technologies to optimize their existing resources.
Use V-App Smart Vision+ to redesign space usage, meeting the changing needs of students, faculty, and other constituents, helping to ensure that the space they need is more available when they need it.

Monitor Wi-Fi performance

Provide the best possible browsing experience by keeping your network under control.
Thanks to WiseFi set of applications, you can simply monitor your Meraki Network and WiFi performances to maintain a high quality of business services.

Physical intrusion vulnerabilities

Offices, where it’s absolutely essentials to guarantee people’s safety, manage risks, frauds, and protect property.
Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at offices, which must meet demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications

V-App IoT Builder allows monitoring physical intrusion vulnerabilities thank to the integration with the Cisco Meraki MT20 Sensors.

Safe return to school

Help pupils and school staff to return to school with greater ease and confidence.

V-App monitors the safe distance between people, as well as the degree of crowding in common areas and specifically sensitive areas such as entrances and toilets in compliance with the anti-Covid-19 safety requirements.

Face mask detection

Analyze people faces in real-time to check if they are wearing a mask or not. When a person is detected not wearing a face mask inside the school buildin , this prompts an automated alert through different channels – i.e. email, instant messaging, digital signage alerts.

«Thanks to the high reliability of technology that adapts and learns within the environment in which it operates, based on the flows of people detected, V-App is a non-invasive and privacy-friendly monitoring tool, transparent and highly discreet. Above all, there is nothing that you have to wear (and perhaps risk forgetting) like bracelets or badges. It allowed pupils and school staff to return to normality of learning activities»

– Raffaella Miori, Principal at Istituto Bona

The Istituto Bona Experience

The Istituto Superiore Bona in Biella was the first school in Italy to adopt the V-App Vision+, the digital solution that detects distances and reports social gatherings.
The school offers areas dedicated to different uses (laboratories, classrooms, gyms, etc.), where pupils and school staff have returned with greater ease and confidence, albeit observing the anti-Covid-19 safety requirements.

Thanks to a sophisticated recognition algorithm, this technological solution also allows for monitoring the use of protective masks. The real-time data analysis is completed by a multi-channel alarm and notification management system regarding the number of people present and the lack of face masks.

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