#1 Cisco Meraki full stack Integration Platform

One platform for any integration need!

V-App is a smart integration platform that helps businesses of any size, and users of any technical level, to seamlessly interconnect resources to accelerate digital transformation. V-App reduces the time between insight and action, ensuring the flexibility to meet customers’ business requirements.

Do your customers ask for more data and integration?

V-App collects and analyses data from any digital source, proactively revealing complex scenarios, patterns, and sequences of events.

Architecture diagram

Why choosing V-App

Cloud Based

Deployed and managed securely, reliably and scalably as a service.

Auto Scaling

Auto-adjustment capacity to maintain steady performance.

Multi Tenant

Single entry point for multiple tenants and customers management.

API Integration

Automatic operational tasks across your systems.

Machine learning

Powerful AI and ML capabilities to increase efficiency, reduce costs and boost your business.

Discover the products powered by V-App

Vision Analytics

Transform your Cisco Meraki Cameras in tremendous sensors for high-value data and business insights.


From Wi-Fi health to guest access, a complete set of applications and tools for your Meraki Wireless infrastructure. 

Performance Zoom

Monitor your Meraki infrastructure in real time with full visibility and event-driven alerting.


IoTools is the solution created to help you build Smart IoT applications in the Cloud.

V-App is a project by:

Bizmate s.r.l.

VAT: IT04010430876