The power of retail analytics

How retailers can strategically use V-App to engage with customers in new ways

Understanding customer’s behavior: the key to any business

Understanding the customer is the key to any business. In a highly competitive industry like retail, it is becoming increasingly relevant to understand the customer preferences and buying patterns to stay ahead. In traditional in-store retailing, every customer is considered similar, which contradicts the personalized shopping experiences in the online retail space. To implement this tinge of personalization in-store also, retailers are exploring new avenues of disruptive technologies like mobility, analytics, IoT, and so on.​​​

Retail in-store monitoring

Retail in-store monitoring is a significant way of creating a much better retail in-store selling experience. It enables retailers to find meaningful insights on customer preferences, purchasing patterns, and demographic attributes. With the analysis of the in-store performance, retailers can optimize their business through targeted promotions, staff optimization, or increased sales conversion.​​​​

New challenges

New technologies are adapting to consumer aspirations and their new demands, some triggered by the Covid-19 health crisis. In this context, what are the new challenges for retailers? How does one adapt to meeting these challenges and succeed in standing out from the competition? Here’s an overview of the main challenges to overcome in retail:
  • Know how many people are visiting the store premises
  • Analyzing the way people move into a store
  • Measuring footfall levels and trends
  • Customizing products and services for customer’s segment
  • Understanding the duration of shopping sessions
  • Reducing waiting times and improve service quality
  • Speed ​​up and simplify the guest Wi-Fi access

Use cases


Know how many people are visiting your stores

Everyone who walks through your doors is a sales opportunity, so just looking at checkout sales doesn’t give you a complete picture. V-App Smart Vision+ detects and counts how many people are in each store area, making the most of every customer enters your stores.

  • Visualize your customer flow patterns, and verify if the placement of your merchandise or store layout is working correctly.
  • Set up the store layout and make sure that your customer flow is moving how you want.
  • Trigger in-venue campaigns and improve operational efficiency by analyzing visitors’ behavior.


Measure footfall levels and trends

Analyze store traffic in real-time. Get real-time information on customer numbers and movement throughout the store.

  • Compare footfall trends across your whole store portfolio, and know which stores are making the most out of their visitors.
  • Improve the overall performance by identifying weaker performing stores and implementing training programs.
  • Make sure you schedule your staff according to footfall patterns, creating a better experience for customers and encouraging repeated visits.
  • Know how successful a marketing campaign is at bringing customers into stores.


Customize products and services for each customer segment

Get demographic profiles and detect the emotional states of your customers.

  • Run more effective retail marketing campaigns by using customer segmentation to personalize offers.
  • Create personalized offers according to each shopper profile to drive customer loyalty.


An integrated, multi-channel communication system, based on Cisco Meraki cameras.

Deliver custom information based on camera events:

  • Create marketing campaigns or deliver marketing information based on people proximity.
  • Influence customer’s shopping experience through highly targeted and customized content.
  • Boost customer loyalty by sending special announcements or context notifications to your store customers.


Reducing waiting times and improve service quality

Understand how long your customers are willing to wait in the checkout queue.

  • Improve business processes by effectively managing and measuring queue waiting times.
  • Make instant compare queuing times across retail stores or departments.
  • Schedule your staff more efficiently to reduce customer waiting times.
  • Get an automated signal to staff up to avoid customer abandonment rates and over-crowded queue length.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by efficiently allocate your store’s workforce.


Understand the duration of shopping sessions

Calculate how long people are detected standing in one location for a period:

  • Know how many customers stop in front of a promotion or inside a department store.
  • Make instant operational changes with real-time dwell times data to boost conversion.
  • Better understand how to take the best out of marketing expenditures.

Responding To COVID-19

V-App helps you to face the COVID emergency into your stores

Social Distancing

Space Occupancy

Mask Detection

Temperature Monitoring

Simplify the guest Wi-Fi access

When customers and guests visit you, they expect to easily connect to Wi-Fi for surfing on their smartphones, reading emails, making video calls or using social networks.​
V-App Easy Guest Wi-Fi lets your guests easily connect to Wi-Fi in seconds just using their smartphone.​
The Wi-Fi access will be provided using an automatic generated QR Code which can be displayed on tablets, smart TV’s or Webex boards. ​
Users just need to scan the code and will be promptly redirected to connection acceptance.

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