Sensor View

Make sure to have immediate visibility into critical events that can lead to risks in your workplace.
V-App Sensor View allows you to correlate data from Meraki MV Cameras and MT Sensors. You can now trigger events and use a single dashboard showing data from both Meraki MT and MV.
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A complete IoT solution powered by Meraki and V-App

It can be used in many different areas, such as:
  • Warehouse & Depots
  • Datacenters & Server rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Storages
  • Office Workplaces
  • Refrigerated Rooms
  • Shopping malls & Retail stores
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals & Health care residences

While other solutions are

to set up

Installation requires on-prem server configuration and manual device pairing

not fast
to deploy

Require hardwire installation for network connectivity and power

to share access

Data cannot be shared across different servers and users must have local accounts

to update

Reporting setup is outdated and cannot easily get firmware updates

V-App for IoT & Meraki are

  • SIMPLE TO DEPLOY Feature peel & stick installation with flexible alert management for real-time visibility
  • CLOUD MANAGED Reliable and secure cloud management removes the need for on-prem servers
  • SEAMLESSLY SCALABLE Manage thousands of sensors out-of-the-box and provision them in minutes
  • INTUITIVE TO USE Reporting and management from a single pane of glass for all networking equipment
Usage contexts

Adverse weather

Always-on operational

HVAC systems

network closets


Physical intrusion


No local

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