V-App Alert Bot

For Cisco Webex

How to enable V-App Alert Bot
for Cisco Webex use

A few simple steps to get a V-App Alert Bot account.

Create a V-App account

The prerequisite is to have an active V-App license.
So, first things first you’ll need to create your personal account on V-App My Account (if you don’t have one yet).

Search the V-App Bot

In Webex search for “v-app@webex.bot”

If you have any specific questions or needs, please feel free to reach out us at “sales@v-app.io”. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to log-on to the app when used with Webex


Send the command “/login” (without quotes).

Provide credentials

Add Tenant and access Key you can get from your V-App application.

Use commands

Select the available commands from the main menu. To access the main menu simply type “/menu” (without quotes).

How does V-App Alert Bot handle your personal data?

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.

V-App is a project by:

Bizmate s.r.l.

VAT: IT04010430876