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Smart Vision Analytics

Modified on: Fri, 26 Mar, 2021 at 15:29 PM.

Open a new window or tab on your web browser, go to https://dashboard.meraki.com and log in.

Step 1: Follow these easy steps to configure your APP

Please to insert your configuration use the following credentials:

URL : https://aws.v-app.io
Username: will be provided
Password : will be provided

  • Follow these steps to generate an API key and enable API access into Organization:
  • Login into your Meraki Network administration dashboard and go to “My Profile” page. Top right of the page, click on the email address.
  • Scroll down the page and click on generate a new API Key. Store the key in a safe place (it will not be readable anymore).
  • Now go to Organization menù and click on Settings. Scroll to the bottom and tick on Enable access to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API.
  • Now login into VAPP Enterprise and complete the configuration page which can be reached clicking on the gear icon in the left bar.In the General Tap paste the previously generated API Key
  • In the MV Analytics tab: select the Organization, select the Network, select the Devices (MV) you want to enable.

To enable MV Sense API you should follow these steps on Meraki Dashboard:

Go to Cameras and select the camera you would like to enable MV Sense on. Once the camera is selected, go to Settings then click on Sense. Now Click on Enabled

You need to create an MQTT Broker.
To enable MQTT on your camera and create a new MQTT broker configuration, click Add or edit MQTT Brokers.

Enter the following information for the broker:
Broker Name: VAPP
Host: mqtt.v-app.io
Port: 1883
Security: TLS
CA Cert Pem: upload the CA signed certificate  – will be provided
TLS verification: leave it disabled.

Save changes and exit.
Select this broker within the MQTT Broker drop-down menu.

VAPP – VIEW Application Portal is a project by:

Bizmate s.r.l.
Ph: +39 095 388583

VAT: 04010430876

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