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Mv People Count

Modified on: Mon, 15 Jul, 2019 at 17:00 PM.

Open a new window or tab on your web browser, go to https://dashboard.meraki.com and log in.

Step 1: Follow these easy steps to configure your APP

  1. Login into your Meraki Network administration dashboard and go to “My Profile” page.
  2. Top right of the page, click on the email address. Scroll down the page and click on generate a new API Key.
  3. Store the key in a safe place (it will not be readable anymore).
  4. Now go to Organization menù and click on Settings.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and tick on Enable access to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API.
  6. Save changes.

Configure your MV People Count APP.

  1. Copy the API Key generated in the Meraki dashboard and paste it in the APP configuration field. This will link the APP to your Meraki Network.
  2. Now you can open Organization drop-down and select your desired one.
  3. Select Network from the drop-down menu and select the one you wish to use with this APP.
  4. Select Camera Serial Number from the drop-down menu and choose the camera.
  5. Network timezone depends on the configured one in the selected network.
  6. From the “Direction” drop-down menu select the direction you expect people move to count them as “IN”

Count left to right as “IN”
Count right to left as “IN”

Count top down as “IN”

Count bottom up as “IN”

To fine tune people count you can adjust these thresholds to increase/decrease hysteresis.

Click on SAVE.

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