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Modified on: Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 at 12:27 PM.

Open a new window or tab on your web browser, go to https://dashboard.meraki.com and log in.

Step 1: Follow these easy steps to configure your APP

  1. Select your Wi-Fi network
  2. Go to Network-wide, click on General, scroll until Location and scanning menù.
  3. Enable “Analytics” and “Scanning API” from the drop down menù. Two new elements will appear: Validator and Add a Post URL link, click on it.
  4. Copy Validator code from Meraki Dashboard and paste it in the APP Validator field in this page.
  5. Copy App generated URL by clicking on the Copy icon at the end of the URL field in this page.
  6. Return to Meraki Dashboard and paste the URL into the Post URL field.WATCH OUT: select 2.0 from API VERSION dropdown menu.
  7.  Now write a secret word at your leisure.
  8. Click on validate button and save configuration.
  9. Insert the word your secret word in the proper field in this page.
  10. Validate Meraki Post URL and check message that appears, it should report “Validated”. If not, double check the key, url and secret
  11. When successfully validated, Save Meraki configuration
  12. Select the layer you prefer to use (map or upload custom image).
  13. If you use a Map as base layer, insert coordinates to centre the map quicky and more precise.
  14. Save APP configuration.

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