Big news and a new little friend

Last month of November, has brought us many interesting things, after having been at the Codemotion in Milan, as Cisco Meraki only Italian technological partners guest, at the end of October, our activity in the following weeks has incredibly intensified.

On November 7th and 8th we were in London at the Cisco Meraki headquarters to show our colleagues the state of the art of V-App technology, introducing new dashboards and features. From London, we came back with a small revolution and a new friend.

The small revolution concerned the name of the platform. More than a year after its debut, and after listening to many opinions and feedback from customers and partners, we decided to make a small change to both the name and the payoff, the logo instead remained unchanged. VAPP Application Portal has become V-App Smart Integration Platform, a new payoff that explains better what it is. The other big news was the arrival in the office of the Meraki Gnome which seems to live of a life of its own because every morning we find it on a different desk and to which we have not yet given a name. Seriously, the Gnome represents the acknowledgment of a work group given from an even bigger and more prestigious work group like the Cisco Meraki one, our next goal is to conquer the other 4  Meraki Gnomes as well.

Between 19th and 21st November we were once again Cisco Meraki guests for two stages of the Meraki Roadshow 2019 in Vimercate (Milan) and Rome, where we introduced the platform to new potential customers, receiving enthusiastic comments and new business opportunities.

November ended with our participation as speakers in the Samsung Innovation Camp 2019 a free training course offered by Samsung in partnership with Randstad. The purpose of the event is to bring both students and new graduates into the world of technology companies, through meetings with managers of local and international companies.

November was also the month of the recruitment campaign, with our HRs very busy analyzing curricula and interviewing candidates. Hopefully we’ll soon add one or more chairs at the corporate Christmas dinner, for the new fellow developers that will join our dream team.

A busy November, wasn’t it?  Now let’s take a breath, relax and wait for Christmas.



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