Growing up together


Yesterday, November 27, we spent the whole morning with the students of the University of Catania where, in the beautiful branch of Villa Citelli, we intervened at the Samsung Innovation Camp, a free training course offered by Samsung in partnership with Randstad. The purpose of the event is to bring both students and new graduates into the world of technology companies, through meetings with managers of local and international companies.

The Samsung Innovation Camp born in 2017 and now in its third edition, is an opportunity to support teaching as it provides students with skills that are complementary to those provided by the university, adding technical skills to students with different educational backgrounds, related to both areas humanistic than economic and technical-scientific ones, favoring the collaboration between students of different degree courses. It also acts as an intermediary between the academic world and companies, favoring the inclusion of students in the world of work in their territorial context. More than 15,000 students and graduates from 16 public universities throughout the country and 30 companies based in the geographical areas of the universities involved took part in the project, so far. Digital technologies and marketing, these are the skills that the participants of the event could enrich thanks also to the speech of Roberto Maddaloni, Bizmate Chief Business Development Officer, focused on digital transformation and system integration.

Meeting young people for us is always an exciting moment, for this reason we have joined without hesitation in the invitation of Prof. Marco Galvagno, whom we thank again for the opportunity and for the welcome. Thanks also to the other speakers and of course to all the young people who took part, they are our best wishes and a big good luck for their future.




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