Rule the chaos.


Customers movement in a retail space seems to be chaotic and random, instead it is something planned in the design phase of the shop or the commercial area, by arranging spaces, furnishings and the lights, in order to create an imaginary path to follow, or emphasizing some areas rather than others, the exhibition area rather than the toilets one, for example. However the mere predisposition of the store to be visited is often not enough to ensure that customers visit it all, inevitably leaving some areas and consequently different products in the dark of poor visibility.

So, know exactly which are the most visited areas of a commercial area is crucial for acting accordingly, for example arranging exhibitors, changing some products or playing with indoor lighting. To help retailers and managers of large spaces frequented by an important number of people, to optimize their spaces, we developed, on the latest Cisco Meraki Mv Sense technology, a new App called Live Heatmaps. This App basically tracks customer move within a given space, creating impressive live heat maps of people flow. Tracking the behavior of individual customers or large flows of people has never been so easy and immediate. Live Heatmaps does not carry out any biomedical recognition, the data collected is always anonymous.
Use Live Heatmaps and LUX Smart light sensor, two tremendous tools made to improve retail space performance.

V-App Live Heatmaps and LUX Smart light sensor are available for V-App Enterprise only.
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