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VAPP family is still growing, with the latest  Syslog Cloud Collector and Real-Time Netflow we reach the number of 12 applications available on the V-App Smart Integration Platform and on the official Cisco Meraki Marketplace.

Syslog Cloud Collector
Meraki hardware generates plenty of event logs live streamed in the cloud for later retrieval and analysis. Syslog Cloud Collector performs audits and view historical data for all clients in your network with a lightning-fast log management solution, allowing you to manage logs and perform a complete events analysis for your Meraki infrastructure (MR, MS and MX) up to 12 months storage. Apply various search filters and easily download the required logs. You can use V-App Syslog Collector with a wide variety of devices sending standard syslog messages. Explore all the ways V-App for log management can help you realize value from the logs you already collect. Adding Syslog Data Retention in your traditional V-App dashboard or in your customized Enterprise edition, protects you from any legal and administrative problems.

Real-Time Netflow
View the real time network usage at a glance. Data processing of Meraki MX devices in a single multi-host graph through an immediate and dynamic graphic processing that allows the comparison of the traffic between source-host and destination-host. Highlights source hosts with the highest number of distinct connections or with the highest bandwidth usage. The visualization provides both the quantitative data of the band usage and the names / IP of the hosts represented both as source and destination.  Add also this tool to your dashboard, more monitoring, more efficiency.

Syslog Cloud Collector and Real-Time Netflow requires VRP (VIEW Remote Probe).

VRP is the VIEW® Real-Time Intelligence Remote Probe. It can be installed on a dedicated, virtualized and/or edge environment, allowing the extension of the platform functionality to the most remote level of the network.

VRP probes perform several kinds of network analysis and data collection under VIEW orchestration. Probes monitor network communications and behavior for risks that threaten reliability and cyber security, providing the information you need to respond quickly.

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