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Mv Security camera series was introduced by Cisco Meraki in 2017. It was immediately clear to us that we were facing a revolution in the camera applications, expecially for security and retail world. From that day on, cameras, from simple devices for passive image recording, turned into tremendous sensors thanks to MV Sense. A technology based on machine learning and computer vision, which Cisco Meraki has shared with developers through APIs that aim to create customized solutions. Bizmate is pleased to work closely with the Meraki team on developing custom analysis and engagement tools using V-App and the new Cisco Meraki MV Sense location analytics APIs.

V-App collects and analyses real-time data from any digital source detecting complex scenarios, patterns and chains of events. V-App provides pre-built web applications in a cloud computing environment with normalized authentication, APIs integration, event-driven work ows, rule based actions and so much more.

V-App features and uses cases
V-App integrates API endpoints, request or subscribe to historical, current, or real-time data generated in the camera allowing you to start using your camera for more than just security.

Last but not least, all functionalities are anonymized to ensure privacy.

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