The Wi-Fi network performance depends on many factors always different from each other.

Even enterprise-class network devices and a broadband Internet connection are not always a guarantee of speed and efficiency.
The environment in which a WLAN is installed is the first critical factor; physical obstacles, structures that recreate Faraday cages or interference from other radio sources, represent a major operational limitation. Cisco Meraki Access Points for example can work with both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency spectra, they can actually implement SSIDs with the two different frequencies simultaneously, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and coverage. That’s why the 2.4 GHz signal has the advantage of better overcoming obstacles but is more susceptible to noise and interference (other WiFi applicances, cordless phones, transmitters for opening doors and gates, influence of other hardware products). WiFi on 5 GHz has the undeniable advantage of allowing the achievement of better performance in data transfer, are less affected by interference but have a lower coverage than 2.4GHz.

Keeping under control the latency values of devices or a network area is very important to maintain high quality of business services; not always in fact the inadequacy in terms of performance of a network depends on the type of connection purchased or the access points, so sometimes it may be unnecessary to spend more money to have more bandwidth as the problem may be the endpoints, for example.

Latency Map APP provides the latency times of single access points, the global average of your network and the number of the failed connections with the endpoints, in few words it offers you a complete and easy overview of your wireless network. If it is used with Wireless Coverage Survey the other APP of the V-App Smart Integration Platform suite, it becomes a formidabile and powerful tool for monitoring the entire Wi-Fi network health and performance.

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