V-App Configuration Backup and Cisco Meraki in hospitality industry.

Luigi is the IT manager of a hotel group with 50 hotels across Europe, his job is to ensure network services functionality and suitability any time of day and night, all year round, so telephones, TV, video surveillance circuit, Internet connection are depending on his work.

Recently, the company has choosen Meraki’s cloud managed technology to provide its guests and staff with consistent, reliable coverage. Through the Meraki dashboard, the IT manager can control both wired and wireless devices, set usage rules and optimize the amount of Internet bandwidth for individual or group of devices throughout the hotel chain.

A Cisco Meraki network infrastructure, can be remotely configured and monitored, this is a crucial feature in the hotel industry in which scenarios change very often. In December 2018, the London hotel hosted a medical conference with more than 300 guests. Among the obligations included in the contract was the guaranteeing of a minimum Internet bandwidth to allow participants to navigate inside a dedicated portal, download papers, and to carry out the streaming videoconference from Australia at the end of the works.

For an experienced IT manager it wasn’t really a big problem to make a new special configuration to face the client’s request, so Luigi create a new SSID only for congress participants, and in order to guarantee the bandwidth, he blocked many useless and harmful services like the automatic updates of the single mobile devices once connected to a Wi-Fi network and some other services like video or audio streaming that could have compromise the connection speed. At the end, a parallel network with special features for the conference activity, totally independent of the rest, was created.

Implementing the new temporary configuration, however, took a lot of time, and when the congress was over, Luigi had to restore the original configuration by consulting his notes. Again, another very long job. Since the congress events are very frequent, the IT manager is forced to repeat the same operation several times a year, subtracting time and resources from his main activity.

Configuration Backup, by V-App Smart Integration Platform allows to backup and save the configurations of the Cisco Meraki network saving it in a file you can use, modify and share as you like. Thanks to this little and smart APP, in May 2019 when another congress will take place, Luigi’s network configuration and restore activity will be a simple file upload. Configuration Backup APP is so easy to use that anyone can be able to implement and share complex Cisco Meraki network configurations.

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