Collect network traffic stats on bandwidth usage. View bandwidth usage on an easy-to-read graph.

Internet connection speed depends on several factors, first of all is the bandwidth. Organizations with a large number of devices usually ensure themselves a bandwidth big enough to allow all users to browse and perform  activities like cloud backup and/or video or audio streaming, without compromising company productivity, by signing appropriate contracts with one or more Internet providers on the market.

Internet connection speed and the degree of network congestion depends also on the amount of data downloaded by each user, for example, the use of some ‘peer to peer’ and ‘file sharing’ applications requires a high absorption of the resources of network and consequently can degrade the average quality of service, especially during peak traffic hours.

The inappropriate use of the company Internet connection can be easily addressed with some tools available on the Cisco Meraki platform, where it’s possible, for example, to limit the bandwidth or prevent access to some services. To check the connection’s performance and identify critical situations, the Meraki dashboard makes available some tools with which the Admin can monitor the band usage.

Historical Bandwidth Usage, a V-App Smart Integration Platform App, does the same but in an easy to access and read environment, giving you up to 120 days of historical bandwidth usage in a glance. All you need to to do is log in in your V-App dashboard and all informations you need to know about your Cisco Meraki network are there, in front of you.

Try the 15 days trial version, you’ll love it. No credit card required, delete when you want.

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