Make sure your team gets immediately notified when something happens in your Cisco Meraki network infrastructure, by integrating system alerts with Cisco WebEx Teams.

Today, in order to ensure teamwork success, online collaboration tools are a growing need for many small businesses. One of the most performing and flexible platform is certainly Cisco WebEx® Teams, with which members of a team can easily share information meeting each other in an environment specifically designed to be used anytime and anywhere via desktop or mobile devices.

WebEx Teams helps to reduce the amount of email thanks to a centralized and extremely secure area for information management and sharing.

V-App brings Cisco Meraki technology into the Webex® Teams with a new app called Webex Teams Alert Bot. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution available in the V-App Smart Integration Platform that frees your email inbox from network alerts. The app collects Cisco Meraki network system notifications and leads them into the WebEx® environment, from where they are then distributed in real-time as push mail.

Get crucial information and react quickly.
Now, imagine you are attending a meeting to discuss a new project with an international team. Meanwhile, one of the company access points goes down preventing dozens of devices from connecting. At that precise moment, with no need of further software or email clients, you are reached by Cisco Meraki network notification through Webex Teams. This will allow you to take all the necessary actions to solve the issue and alert those directly involved of the down in progress.

Webex Teams Alert Bot is the app that all Webex Teams and Cisco Meraki users should use to keep the infrastructure’s health always under control and optimize reaction time to a given event.

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