Take advantage of Meraki video technology by extending MV family capabilities. Soon on V-App Portal.

Cisco Meraki recently announced the introduction of MV Sense APIs, a new set of APIs (both RESTful and MQTT-based) for the smart cameras series MV which allows users to further utilize machine-learning based computer vision outputs to create custom business solutions.

In fact, although MV smart cameras can certainly work as security cameras, they can also act as sensors for businesses, communities and organizations. All this with no servers or extra infrastructure needed, since captured video are stored and analyzed on-camera itself and metadata is sent to the cloud and aggregated into people-counting metrics independently of the video.

There are tons of possible applications of MV Sense APIs which can improve our lives and help us manage business more effectively such as streamlining an operation, making communities safer, or providing retailers advanced people-counting analytics aimed to improve customer experiences and even more accurate marketing strategies.
These are just few examples of the possibilities of applying MV Sense new features, but if we couple them with the motion heatmap (available in all MV models) it’s pretty easy to figure out how quick and simple is to get big pictures of your organization.

MV Sense supplies organizations with processed, high-value data with no additional infrastructure requirements so that developers can easily have access to three types of analytics:

  • Historical aggregate. How many people were in a given area at a specified time, and where exactly they were in the frame.
  • Current snapshot. How many people are in a given area right now, and where exactly they are in the frame.
  • Real-time feed. A stream of people count and their exact location in a frame, pushed out in sub-second intervals.

Data collected by each camera (including location, time and count) will help users to better understand what happens in their facilities, branches or stores.
As for us, we are currently working to provide V-App Platform with new apps for Cisco Meraki MV family. Our next goal is to release soon new tailored applications that can integrate analytics obtained by using Meraki cameras as sensors, turning data into insights.
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And don’t forget, if you have any good ideas for a MV Sense application, we are all ears: we love receiving good hints.

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