We’re excited to announce we’ve released a brand new set of applications especially designed for Cisco Meraki users.

V-App applications integrates the Cisco Meraki dashboard tools with further functions available in a single view with immediate impact. An easy activation and setup allows to use them immediately.
The apps just released on the Cisco Developer and Meraki marketplace are the following:

Concentration Map
Get insights on your users concentration and movements by analyzing their behaviours with the help of interactive maps. Concentration Map provides more comprehensive connections between data and location to help you understand data at finer detail.



Webex Teams Alert BOT
Receive Meraki alerts as push notifications in real-time through your preferred collaboration tool, your Cisco Webex Teams account.



Wi-Fi Coverage Survey
Speed up and automatically validate your Meraki Wi-Fi network coverage and performance. Wi-Fi Coverage Survey App automatically supports network architects and engineers to define the areas over which signal levels need improvements.



Configuration Backup
Version control system for Meraki network. Creating configuration backups enables you to later restore a configuration. This is useful when you want to revert the equipment settings to an earlier configuration. Configuration Backup is available in 3 different versions for WiFi (MR series), Firewall (MX series), VPN.


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